Ukrainian General Naiev visited the NATO command in Brunssum

(To Renato Caputo)

On Friday, November 10, the commander of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (JFC AFU), Lieutenant General Serhii Naiev, visited the headquarters of the Joint Command of the NATO Armed Forces Brunssum (Joint Force Command Brunssum - JFCBS). At the same time, a group of Ukrainian cadets from various national universities, academies and military institutes were hosted at JFCBS, within the framework of the Familiarization Program of NATO.

For JFCBS it was a unique opportunity to listen to Ukraine's experience on relevant security issues, particularly during the planning and execution of operations by Lieutenant General Naiev.

General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, commander of the JFCBS, did the honors underlining the significance of the visit: “Many things have happened in NATO in recent years and we intend to use the opportunity of your visit to update you on the mission of JFC Brunssum Command. More importantly, it is an opportunity for us to listen to you, those fighting directly on the ground and understand your experiences and lessons learned in modern warfare".

Lieutenant General Naiev emphasized that the JFC AFU, established as a result of the transformation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in accordance with NATO rules, principles and standards, has acquired operational capabilities, actively learning and implementing NATO processes and procedures in its operational functions. “This transformation process helped the command and control of the Defense Forces of Ukraine at the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion against Ukraine and subsequently in various operational directions in Ukraine”.

During the round tables the Ukrainian guest was received briefing which covered a wide range of topics, including operational procedures and the ability of the JFCBS to act as a deployed headquarters.

Lieutenant General Naiev thanked the JFCBS commander and his staff underlining: “Ukraine aims to become a full member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This visit became another step towards the interaction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the corresponding NATO joint commands and NATO member countries. I sincerely thank General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta for the opportunity to listen and see what will soon be implemented in the joint command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

The visit also sought to achieve deeper mutual understanding and strengthen interoperability between NATO and Ukraine, a key NATO partner nation.

“Unity will remain the beating heart of our coalition. Russia never anticipated our strength and unity of purpose. The brave Ukrainian soldiers continue to make history, supported by our unity in defending freedom, and we will stand by you for as long as it takes.", said General Miglietta.

This visit was another step towards the interaction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the respective joint commands of the Alliance and NATO member countries.

Photo: NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum