Coup d'etat in Mali. Turkish direction?

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

Since this morning, an attempted coup d'état by a faction of the armed forces, supported by the Turkish secret services (MIT), has been underway in Mali.

From what has been learned, the coup leaders have occupied some strategic centers of the capital Bamako, such as the state television station ORTM. In addition, political and military representatives of the country, such as the president of the National Assembly and the chief of staff of the Armed Forces, were arrested.

We recall that the President of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keita recently announced the dissolution of the Constitutional Court, generating the reaction of the opposition who accuse him of corruption and of not having effectively countered the spread of Islamic militias.

In fact, jihadist groups control the north of the country, also thanks to the collaboration of the local population, harassed by years of bad governance.

Apparently, behind the revolting military, Turkey would be determined to extend its influence in the region, rich in mineral deposits. Ankara's strategy would focus on supporting the jihadist militiamen (as happened in Syria) and at the same time installing a puppet government in Mali.

Such a government would certainly not allow the arrival of foreign forces, I am referring to Operation Takuba (v.articolo). At the moment there are about 100 elements of the French and Estonian special forces, while in the coming months (conditional is a must) add Czechs, Swedes, Belgians and Italians.

The Italian government had foreseen the sending of about 200 soldiers and 8 helicopters, however, if the political situation were to change, we think it is necessary to deploy a much larger contingent.

Photo: defense ministry archive