Arctic: the new battleground against "climate change"?

(To Andrea Cucco)

US Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III announced yesterday the establishment of a new one Regional Center of the US Department of Defense: the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies.

"The center will support the US Interim National Security Strategic Guidance, to work between agencies and like-minded partners, to join forces and promote shared interests. It will respond to the commitment of the United States and international cooperation to strengthen rules-based order in the region. and will address shared challenges such as climate change ".

The Department is now looking for the most appropriate location for the Ted Stevens Center.

Since 2014, Russia has embarked on a significant strengthening of the Arctic border (24.000 kilometers) with naval bases, radar networks and airports. A "Strategic Unified Command of the Northern Fleet" in the same year was created in Severomorsk.

The Arctic, rich in intact oil and gas reserves, is at the center of historic disputes between the United States, Russia, Canada, Norway and Denmark. It is comforting, since it represents one of the potential "grounds" of military confrontation between superpowers (including China), that the United States is concerned about "climate change".