Andrew Spannaus: Post-global America. Trump, the coronavirus and the future

Andrew Spannaus
Ed. Mimesis
pp. 192

The author of "Why Trump Wins", who four years ago - against the tide - explained the reasons that would lead the current president to the White House, returns on the eve of the US elections with “Post-global America. Trump, the coronavirus and the future ".

Journalist Andrew Spannaus does not provide a "biased" view (which we are unfortunately used to), but a sober, timely and correct analysis of the domestic and foreign policy of the last US administration.

In a simple and detailed way what we had in front of our eyes and we were not able to decipher in Italy? Judging by the widespread opinion in our country about Trump, I believe that the blunders have been numerous and serious.

Being an American citizen allows Spannaus to correctly observe his country and explain to readers the crossroads we are facing. This goes beyond the outcome of the US presidential elections. Being a fine analyst also offers the author the opportunity to authoritatively warn us about the key moment in history faced by Trump: the decline of globalization and the Chinese political, economic and military spread.

After witnessing the first debate among the presidential candidates I have only one question for Andrew Spannaus ...

Why didn't he write the book "Why Trump wins"?

“Because I think Trump is unlikely to win. Trump has changed the world, inaugurating a new approach to globalization on various fronts (a process that is broader than him, but in which he had an important role). But the immediate effects are relatively limited, and I don't think the less-aligned voters will give them the benefit of the doubt this time around. You still have a month to land a few special hits, or hope for a positive surprise for him. He must reduce the gap with Biden to 3-4 points in order to win with the system of the big voters. Otherwise he loses, except for legal disputes of the vote by post. "

Andrea Cucco