Ethics should be valued between self-defense and non-verbal communication: a knife in the middle!

(To Massimo Giuliani)

In an increasingly careless, fast, compulsive and social, the human being is losing the privilege of confrontation and criticism to the detriment of efficacy and quality. The big multinationals have learned these concepts for almost twenty years, knowing how to divert effective messages about the target they have set themselves. Whether it's the sale of a watch, a drink or a car, we must focus on excellent communication and maximum turnover through ethics.

Ethics in itself is a value that all human beings should have in any organization - professional or otherwise - that sees them interacting with other individuals or other systems of people.

Think of it ... a value so strong and free of charge by companies in the sector that have made it a good to pay. This is because ethics today is measurable! Quantifiable by external consultancy organizations in the face of financial compensation (sometimes divided into step certifiable with the famous ISO9000 ...) they monitor our work, verify the application of ours mission according to criteria of reliability for the social, for the well-being of the individual, for culture, for prevention, entering the market as a reality that can be absolutely trusted! A sort of blue stamp that rewards our work as men guaranteed to stakeholders.

Well, in the face of this concept, as a duty of thinking beings, we must always be wary, and only a good and widespread observation on our part, with the severe commitment of a few weeks of application must make us think and waver.

From that world is world sells everything, it is in the nature of man. It is written in our DNA to have to cope with our personal livelihood, our psycho-physical well-being, so classic dynamics that well-known pre-evening news programs have made their fortune in the audience. Typical cases like those told by Strip the news (false dentists, charlatan magicians, self-proclaimed offerers of this or that non-profit organization aimed at protecting poverty).

In this chaos, unfortunately still undisciplined by serious audit bodies, smoke vendors are no less in the Personal Defense courses.

Think about it, starting from a careful observation of what they express, from the non-verbal and verbal image. The logics are always the same, paid courses suitable for every physique and character. Personal or group lessons where the motivation is produced by few words: immediately, speed, suitable for everyone.

In reality through these concepts, the work of these self-styled mass barkers creates only Marketing, Business Plan, on their Target defined upstream and nothing else.

But can we really learn to defend ourselves after a thirty-hour course (if all goes well) with twice-weekly lessons?

Everything revolves around trade and the coercive illusion of selling a dramatically useless product for the protection of our safety, for the health of the pockets of some unscrupulous subjects.

In the dynamic logics of our daily life we ​​witness live cases that should make us reflect, last and not least, the recent news story that saw the death of a carabiniere at the service of the institutions at the hands of a fool who didn't think two aimed at inflicting 11 stabs.

There is no self-defense course capable of preparing normal people to deal with these unforeseen circumstances, especially if the knife, the knife is the discriminator. There is no course - not even for an insider - in the face of the different psychology with which individuals wake up in the morning.

Different psychological conditions, clearly divergent between victim and aggressor. Anyone who offends, armed with a blade or a gun, is always light years away from decent people.

But the people of so many self-proclaimed "instructors" are not inclined to the well-being of the person but only and exclusively in making money, in capturing, after a careful pasture in ignorant and gullible seas, others like us wrapped in the mirage of conquering in two weekend no coveted diploma at no cost phoney di personal defense trainer, of Grand Master of the "respectable" caste of these vulgar hucksters.

Cunning, observation, attention, accurate assessment of the places and people that characterize our presence at that particular moment. This gentlemen, Only this one, is called "Personal Defense".

No one should ever hope to reach physical contact: there will always be a loss.

Two subjects who leave home in the morning for different purposes have sometimes opposed mental inclinations. On the one hand, perhaps, the serenity of mind, the concern to face the umpteenth day of work: the time that passes waiting to make the last meeting with the boss coincide while the children are leaving school waiting for our arrival, the normal everyday life of normal people. On the other hand, there may be the unscrupulous fool who, just for the fact that he turns quietly in society with a knife in his pocket, is already predisposed to offense, to malice, to physical contact to harm.

We also take into account that, in the hypothesis of going out unscathed or partially free from a possible physical collision, there will certainly be judicial repercussions in this regard: reports of theft and time spent in the various police stations, loss of days of work to redo documents and credit cards , any referrals in legal offices aimed at our defense with a lot of expenses towards lawyers who will fight to support our reasons ... The attacker, however, will always try to defend himself and will do everything possible to reduce his possible penalty with the same rights.

We are never in a protected environment, tatami or gym it is. The street, the subway stations, the city in general are filled with direct and indirect, static and dynamic risks: wall edges, the circulation of cars, etc. Even the sole act of escaping will involve dozens of obstacles which, thanks to our production of adrenaline for agitation and fear, will cause them to feel blurred, blurred.

Never believe in video courses sold on the internet where the instructor on duty with the most varied techniques represented, will accompany you courting you, learning a method that you will never apply. Never believe those who are under the illusion of being able to face a sharp blade, dodging a shot in a tenth of a second, pivoting sideways on the trajectory or crossing your arms to bend a wrist.

In real life, a blade always cuts and can cut off an artery even without using offensive blows typical of action films.

We always remember that our social representation in the world during everyday life, as a rule does not provide armor that can contain these blows: the riot police departments are well aware that you can see structured out of the stadiums or in the front row in the most important public events, protected by rigid shells, elbow protectors, anti-cut waistcoats, reinforced neck rests and helmets. We go around like that?

In conclusion, the only valid weapons that a normal person must exercise are prevention and joint mobility. The first, through serious courses capable of teaching verbal and non-verbal communication in the different settings that life presents us with: analysis of clothing, trends, evaluation of possible risk situations. Return with a late night train? I will always try to position myself in compartments composed of visibly sober and hypothetically reliable travelers. Do I have to add gas? I refuel before leaving with friends, perhaps avoiding the fact that the fuel gauge forces me to do it in an isolated distributor! And so on ... accustoming the brain to a less instinctive and more programmed awareness.

The second piece of advice is instead to practice sports, train the joints, oxygenate our cerebral cortex in obtaining a brighter vision of life, more optimistic and certainly more healthy.

Photo: US Marine Corps