Pucciarelli: maximum attention to choices on OTO-Melara and Wass in order not to reduce them to mere market maneuvers


"In renewing, relaunching it, my invitation to responsible harmony and effective synergy between all the actors involved in the management of crucial issues such as the choices underway on the future of the former OTO-Melara and Wass, I thought it implicit that such a heartfelt appeal was responsibly interpreted in the broader perspective of a virtuous team game; with the harmonious interaction between interinstitutional cooperation and inter-agency collaborations, starting with the management of the company.

I also expressed full awareness of taking into due consideration the complexities and related cautions regarding the dynamics of the markets and the management of large listed groups.

Nonetheless, the statements by Leonardo's CEO, Alessandro Profumo, on the sale of these two subsidiaries seem to introduce ambiguity and dissonance between the various aspects touched upon, which cannot fail to induce well-founded perplexity. " - thus the Undersecretary of State for Defense, Stefania Pucciarelli, feels she has to go back to the hypotheses concerning these historic industrial complexes, which are decisive for the structure of the highly strategic sector of the suppliers of our National Defense, in response to the statements made yesterday in Genoa by the CEO of Leonardo on the sidelines of the presentation of the center of competence for digitization.

"Profumo underlines, on the one hand, the focus on doing 'things well done' - and God forbid - in response to the right requests from stakeholders - government first and foremost, given that among the major shareholders of Leonardo there is the Ministry of Economy and Finance - both to evaluate the options on the table 'on the basis of the strategic component'. He then asserts that 'the best' will be chosen from the evaluation of these options.

Not elaborating, however, on the relative criteria, but by combining in his declarations the invitation to have to maintain, in the head of each, 'a capacity for serenity to look in the round' with the explicit reminder not to make a priori choices' based on to the nationality of the companies', some concerns naturally emerge.

Certainly - continues Pucciarelli -, the purpose of not being influenced by a priori positions could in principle seem a virtuous choice; the dilemma lies in considering a preconceived conditioning factor what is instead a necessary evaluation of basic strategic importance on the enabling value for Italy of important pieces of our defense industry. It could also be observed that if one should ever sin a priori, it is better to do it to protect the Italian spirit rather than a mere and fleeting profit of the moment.

The real issue - in my opinion, ... and not just mine - is therefore not debating whether or not to consider the a priori position of attention to the nationality of the buyer, but to look around at what is happening in the world; to the strategic choices adopted by the countries with which we aspire to confront.

Important decisions weigh on OTO-Melara and Wass, which should start from the analysis of the concept of Italianness, of strategic importance and of what they represent for the national defense system. We are talking about choices that will have a strong impact on the near future in Europe. As I have already said, on such a crucial issue and with the risk of critical repercussions weighing on the strategic assets of our military industry, I believe it is right and very necessary to make a choice in perspective, on a large scale, pursuing the interest of the country system. ; avoiding the attraction of chasing the selfishness of the moment.

Having also highlighted that the parent company Leonardo is a company with strong public participation, these decisions must involve the political-strategic level, government and institutions, which adopt them with a sense of responsibility and full respect for the expectations of Italians.

Now the future of the defense industry sector is at stake. From here we must start, putting our best energies into play to serve national interests and not others, extraneous to domestic ones. Profumo's statements leave me somewhat perplexed and I hope they have been misinterpreted. " - concludes Undersecretary Pucciarelli.