Panic in the military world

(To Nicolò Manca)

It is traditional to allow citizens, especially children, to get on military vehicles on the occasion of events dedicated to the armed forces, and this happens even when those who wear a uniform simply want to witness the closeness of the organization to which it belongs to civil society. It is not uncommon that on these occasions the wish of the little ones to "take a ride" on the Gazelle of the carabinieri, on the bersaglieri crawler or, as in more recent times, on the police watercraft, is fulfilled. These casual experiences sometimes trigger in the young vocations that determine life choices.

The news of the three police officers under investigation for guilty of having sent the son of the ex-interior minister on a watercraft, could not therefore not throw the military world into a panic as ... now there are many charges flying!

The writer hopes that the decades passed entail the prescription of the numerous crimes of which he has been guilty during his career; of these I will limit myself to confessing the most serious, committed during my period of command to the 2 ° Bersaglieri "Governolo". In fact, it happened that I allowed a ten-year-old boy to "take a ride" on an M60 (48 ton tank), and when he told me he was to have been impressed to see my bersaglieri engaged in a gymnastic essay in the "chase chasers", I decided to ... combine it even bigger!

I state that the Bersaglieri demonstration consisted of waiting an M60 approaching at a standstill, throwing itself to the ground at the last moment lying down between the two tracks, then letting the wagon pass and then attaching it to the shoulders by throwing a Molotov cocktail on the engine grids.

These were times when the task of the armored units deployed in the Veneto-Friuli plain was to delay as much as possible, using even these bersaglieresche techniques, the feared break-in at the "Gorizia threshold" of the Warsaw Pact divisions piled up in Hungary: our sacrifice would have given NATO time to intervene with the impact force of the United States.

But back to the ten-year-old boy, I threw him a provocation: "Don't be impressed by what you've seen. If you want you can do it too ... in fact, let's do it together ". And so one morning I took the boy to the parking lots where fifty M60 dozed, I called a pilot, a military lever truck driver, and asked him to repeat what he did with the Bersaglieri, and that is to go with the cart (but not with the tracks !) on the two of us lying on the parking lot macadam.

The trailer hesitated: "And do you trust?".

I replied: "You and I should trust each other in combat and you want me not to trust you for this little thing from nothing? Rather be careful because if you go wrong it will be you alone who gets in trouble " (which in practice is what is happening to the three policemen!). Then the boy and I lay down side by side on the concrete and the cart (width between the 185 tracks centimeters and height of the bottom hull 42 centimeters) passed us slowly, with its motor from 750 horses that screamed in our ears.

The pilot went on in his straight march far more than necessary and, once the vehicle was stopped, he came back at a slow pace, palliduccio, and whispered "Everything good?"

"Very well," my son replied, because, I forgot to mention it, the boy was my son, who had agreed to have that experience despite the spastic tetraparesis that accompanies him from birth, when someone in a small Friulian hospital missed his dose of oxytocin administered to my wife: a "distraction" that would have made it impossible for my son to possibly follow his father's footsteps and be a bersagliere. (There were times when in the hospitals the parts happened, with the help of the oxytocin, always during the day and not at night; besides, then a lieutenant didn't have much time to follow closely both the pregnancy and the delivery of his wife , because it had to "stay with the piece" h 24, something that was done with passion and that in any case did not cost anything to the State as there were neither overtime nor compensatory rests.)

Today I still have the consolation of thinking that the M60 experience has helped my son ... and me too. A little less to the pilot! However today I would not do it again, and not for fear of being indicted, but because the maintenance of army vehicles has been lacking for some time due to lack of funds; therefore I would not trust the efficiency of the power steering steering system of the wagon.

A situation that must be resigned, at least as long as the Defense budget is penalized in favor of the MOAM (Concealed Ministry for Migration Reception), whose budget for maintenance, health-education-judicial assistance and for prison costs and the maneuvers not always crystalline that revolve around the industry of hospitality, clearly exceeds, as known, that of the Defense.

Returning to my responsibilities, I too could therefore have been indicted for (guessing) theft of use, abuse of office or any other of those "crimes" that would force the aforementioned policemen to pay themselves a lawyer. Moreover the use of that M60, with its consumption of three liters of diesel per km, will have cost the State well over the five minutes on the watercraft of the son of Salvini. One more reason, for me, to firmly deny that I had even driven my son's wagon, of course with the cart and I crouched on the hull near the pilot's hatch, for about 100 meters ... maybe 200. But for fear that I can confiscate anything, as was done with General Stano, in the trial I will deny everything.

At this point I am assailed by the doubt that the denunciation of the three policemen has followed the custom of administering justice by looking in the rearview mirror of the collateral political effects. In fact it is not easy to remember or imagine a similar procedure involving figures of the same political faith in which most magistrates do not hide from military service.

This doubt is supported by the discretion or perhaps distraction with which the regime media ignore the judicial vicissitudes related to the financing of certain parties, given the insistence and the attention with which the counterpart is hammered. Thus it happens that the citizen voter is cyclically re-proposed the investigations concerning unspecified "Russian funds", while other countries and other beneficiaries, including UNICEF funds, disappear like fog in the sun. Similar discretion, which would be more appropriate to define censorship (a word moreover cleared by the press serving the cry of "better not tell the Italians") is reserved, as is known, upon the arrival of the migrants, the crimes committed by them and the indulgent benevolence with which are managed.

And to close on the subject, what better than to send a message that traces the now famous one posted on facebook by Senator Cirinnà? "Justice-Politics-Censorship: che vita de merda", a slogan that makes it desirable that a law be approved in Italy that provides for the death penalty for crimes of hypocrisy. In the political environment, and not only in that, it would all be carnage.

Photo: US Army / Italian Army / web