Sailors, conscription and solidarity

(To Giuseppe Sfacteria)

Fabrizio has already left us for three years.

Fabrizio was the most enterprising, most Gascon, most serious 'helmsman' sub-chief that could be encountered in service and the best animator of the small group of conscripts of the 'State Property Section' of the Port Authority of Genoa even at a distance of almost thirty years since then.

It was 1991, when the idea of ​​suspending military service still did not find general support and when, consequently, young people grew up with the certainty of having to one day give at least a year of their life to the country and, as a general rule, it was done almost willingly, at least to demonstrate in the family that they had reached the maturity that schools conferred for diploma.

After his discharge, the 'sub-chief Fabrizio', now only 'Mr. Fabrizio', was an accountant, a dialect actor, and many other things but, among all, he finally chose his path becoming a master of martial arts and for all, since then, he has only been 'the boss' (and also Alessandra's loving husband).

As a real boss he kept us together, as a boss he went away, martially enduring the terrible disease that led him into the ocean of mystery.

His fellow soldiers at the time, his friends forever, wished to honor him with a payment to the Andrea Doria Institute. Little money, for heaven's sake, each according to his possibilities, but with the idea of ​​sowing a seed. If any of your readers feel involved in this story, open the doors of your heart (and your bank's 'App') and make a deposit.

The Andrea Doria Institute, in short, offers assistance to the orphans of deceased Navy soldiers, the children of the great invalids of the Navy and, in special conditions, to military personnel serving in documented situations of need.

The IBAN of the bank account of the Andrea Doria Institute is: IT74V0200805114000400981950 at Unicredit - Agenzia 213 MM

Thank you all. Thanks Fabrizio.

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