Europol closes "Silkkitie" and "Wall street market", two of the largest illegal Dark Web markets

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

Cyber ​​news is not always bad.
One of the problems related to the cyber environment is represented by the availability on the markets of Dark web, of information or tools usable for cyber attacks.

Of course these markets do not only deal with sales of cyber tools but they extend their field of action to all types of illegal traffic, from drugs to arms, taking advantage of the alleged anonymity guaranteed by the Dark web.
But you know, the web does not privilege good or bad so the problems that affect the "good" sometimes also affect networks and "bad" systems.
So this time Europol managed to dismantle the hacker network that ran the "Silkkitie" and "Wall street market" sites thanks to some malfunction of a VPN connection.

In particular it seems that the "Wall street market" site had about 1,5 millions of registered users and more than 5000 sellers.

As part of the operations, three German citizens were arrested while two more detainees took place in Los Angeles.
The operation started with a previous action conducted by the Finnish and French authorities and was carried out thanks to the international collaboration of the German, Dutch, Europol, Eurojust and United States institutions.

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