Aeronautical Academy, oath of loyalty to the Homeland for the Zodiac Course V

(To CME "Apulia")

The solemn oath of allegiance to the homeland of the young students of the course ended today on the Piazzale delle Oro d'Once of the Aeronautical Academy of Pozzuoli Zodiac V. The event took place in the presence of the Undersecretary of State for Defense, Hon. Raffaele Volpi, of the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force of the Alberto Rosso aerial team and of numerous civil, military and religious authorities, in addition to the parents of the young jurors.

With the traditional "I swear!" the young students are committed to honoring the ideals of loyalty, courage and a sense of duty, founding principles of the Armed Forces. During the ceremony the customary baptism of the course was also held through the symbolic delivery of the pennant. The baptism ceremony of the swearing course was renewed today for the fifth time through an ideal handover between the former students of the generations of the previous Courses Zodiac. The students of the Zodiac V thus received, from their godfathers, the official welcome in the ranks of the Italian Air Force.

"You are an Armed Forces with unique operational capabilities. Political institutions have a duty to uphold your excellence ". With these words the Hon. Volpi, in his concluding speech, emphasized the importance of the choice made by the young jurors. Turning then to the students, he continued: "Until a few minutes ago you were Italian, today, from now on, you must be proudly Italian!".

Sidera Feriam, translated with "I will reach the stars", is the heraldic motto that was chosen from the first Zodiac course in the 1941. "Always act in accordance with your motto, which, together with the Corso crest, unites you, unites you and will accompany you forever". Thus the Chief of Staff of the Air Force wanted to remind the young students of the swearing course of the patrimony of virtue that they will have to draw inspiration from today, always recognizing the value of the discipline as a pillar of the military institution."The Air Force is a living, capable, relevant, appreciated and respected Armed Force, proud and always devoted to serving the country with fidelity, humility and rigor. Always be proud to be part of it ".

Both moments were crowned by the overflight of the National Acrobatic Patrol, which stretched its traditional tricolor in the sky.

The course Zodiac V is composed of 75 attendees selected from over 5000 candidates. In their academic career, according to the international cooperation activities carried out by the Air Force in the field of training, the young cadets are joined by 12 foreign students, coming from different countries 8. Thus six courses are currently present at the Aeronautical Academy of Pozzuoli, for a total of about 500 visitors.

The Aeronautical Academy depends on the Command of the Air Force / 3 ^ Air Region Schools. It is a military institute of higher education with a university character whose task is to provide for the recruitment and training of young people who aspire to become officers of the Air Force in actual permanent service. By attending the regular courses of the Academy you can become a lieutenant of the Aeronautical Weapon, in the role of Naviganti Normale (pilots) and in the Normal Role of Weapons, of the Corps of Aeronautical Engineers, of the Air Force Commissariat Corps and of the Aeronautical Health Corps.