Norberto Bobbio: Democracy and Secret

Joed. EINAUDIpagg. 80 What would Norberto Bobbio say about Italy's current situation? One would ask, perhaps, where to start to try and make sense of what is happening.

On November 23, 1980 Norberto Bobbio published an article in La Stampa in which he explained what democracy was, understood as "the government of visible power, that is, the government whose acts are carried out in public, under the control of public opinion". away I wonder if such a definition can still be considered valid for Italian democracy.At this point someone might ask: what exactly are we referring to? What problem, among the many that haunt Italy, should we direct the famous light , if we had one, where should we direct our attention? We, "public opinion", do not understand ... Well, this is precisely the point, the problem, the knot to be solved. The impossibility of understanding! Not understanding has become the rule rather than the exception! Norberto Bobbio, in the same article previously cited, wrote: "One does not understand anything about our system of power if one is not willing to admit that underneath the visible government there is a a government that acts in the twilight (the so-called sub-government) and even more fundamentally a government that acts in absolute darkness, and which we can afford to call < >. ”Government, sub-government and crypto-government, and if that were really the problem? Is it perhaps necessary, in order to try to understand what is happening in Italy (and perhaps in the whole world), to have recourse to these concepts and to what they barely glimpse? Is it perhaps necessary to seek the invisible power that moves in the shadow of the visible government This is why it is necessary to read this essay by Norberto Bobbio, if we want to begin to understand. Democracy and secret, a collection of particularly current articles, despite the past years.

Alessandro Rugolo