Wednesday - Under the command of the frigate captain Emilio Prasca the torpedo cruiser Agordat enters service in Naples, the first in a two-unit class.

The "Agordat" had to make up for the Italian naval line due to the lack of a new type of unit widespread in Great Britain, the scout: a fast displacement cruise unit (1000-1300 t) able to fulfill part of the tasks of the armored cruiser and of those of the explorer, a modern interpretation of the ship warning of the times of Lissa.

The elaboration of the project, inspired by the "Partenope" hull line, was entrusted to the director of the Genio Navale Nalborre Soliani.

The armament, modified during construction, was centered on a battery of small-caliber (12 mm) guns (76) having to counteract torpedo boats, trusting that the speed expected in 22 nodes was sufficient for a presence in the presence of larger units.

The engine apparatus was configured on eight boilers that powered two alternative vertical three-wheel drive 8000 hp engines positioned halfway between the two boiler rooms.

The two ships represented a successful experiment but the rapid progress made by the armored cruiser - powerfully armed and with speed of 20-21 knots - led to the decline of the explorer with the aforementioned design requirements assigned being used later as a large gunboat.

Built on the site of Castellammare di Stabia with the 16 February 1897 set up on the airport, the 11 October 1899 was launched.

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