Viterbo: Civic Merit to AVES

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday morning, at the Union Theater, the mayor of the city, Giovanni Maria Arena, granted the Army Aviation the certificate of "Civic Merit" for the contribution offered in the containment and contrast to the epidemiological spread.

The ceremony, held in compliance with the anti Covid-19 measures, was attended by representatives of the Armed Forces, the Police Forces, the State Bodies, the Health Authority and local voluntary associations that have contributed to the fight against pandemic and which have received municipal recognition.

The initiative was promoted by the Viterbo City Council which approved the granting of the award. "For the self-denial, the sense of duty and the commendable spirit of service" - reads the motivation of the certificate - "with which the Army Aviation has operated for the benefit of the community in the most critical phase of the health emergency" .

At the end of the event, the commander of AVES, general of division Andrea Di Stasio, expressed the thanks to the mayor from all the specialty, underlining that the important recognition is a source of pride for the blue berets and a spur to give always the best alongside the citizens.