"Urban Operations" for the marshals of the XXI "Example" course

(To Army Majority State)

A combat exercise in urban areas was concluded in recent days at the PACUB (Combat Training Path in the inhabited centers of the Armored-Armored Units) of the Torre Veneri polygon, a combat exercise in urban areas, in order to implement the use of busway vehicles. armored in a multi-weapon context and favor the coordination action between units on foot and mounted in mutual support activities, in high intensity kinetic contexts.

The practical activity was conducted by the Marshals of the XXI “Example” course together with the Volunteers in fixed farm - attendants of the specialization course Blindo explorers in the "Light" configuration - and to the instructor staff of the Cavalry School.

The personnel exercised carried out an activity of entry and reclamation of inhabited centers, proceeding to the acquisition of the domain of the critical points (crossings), freeing of active obstacles and removal of barricades (with the intervention of a pioneer wagon) and the subsequent intervention of the wagons armed following activation of the busway device read.

During the activity, the loss of a tank and the elimination of enemy units were simulated, while the armored and armored tax rates continued to cross the town. The commander of the Cavalry School, gen. b. Claudio DEI and a conspicuous group of observers from the cavalry regiments (chariots and line).