Charity Tail at Herat


The Italian soldiers of the national contingent in Afghanistan organized a charity bingo on Epiphany day and at the end of the Christmas and end of the holiday season to finance some projects in favor of the population of Herat.

The initiative, commissioned by the commander of the Regional Command West and organized by the Alpine troops of the 2 ° Transmissions Regiment of Bolzano, made it possible to collect a little more than 3.000 euros with which the benches and furnishings for the 16 classrooms of the school of Pole Rangina, a rural area to the north-west of Herat, recently inaugurated and built with funds from the Italian Ministry of Defense. Part of the bingo proceeds, it will also be used to provide assistance to Fatima, a three-year-old girl cared for inside the Herat orphanage, because her mother Sytara is hospitalized waiting for a delicate operation following injuries sustained after her husband's attack.

Source: EI