"Articity" test for the 5th Alpini

(To Army Majority State)

As part of the Alpine Troops capacity development process and in particular the use of simulation as a training and data acquisition tool, an exercise was held on Tuesday at the TerraXcube climatic chamber in Bolzano.

In an environmental context aimed at simulating adverse climatic conditions both in terms of temperature (-25 °) and wind, the Alpine climbers of the 5th and Meteomont service specialists conducted a series of tests aimed at validating the use of vehicles and materials in use for mountain rescue specialists and for the men of the teams who work daily to detect the data and conditions of the snowpack.

The training tests, coordinated by the TerraXcube technicians, aimed to recreate operational situations that can only be reached in the high mountains and are difficult to control and repeat.

The information obtained will be useful for improving the training skills of the Alpine Troops. Simulation is now an essential element for the training and preparation of units. The use of excellences such as TerraXcube guarantees the FA the optimization of resources, an effective and realistic preparation and above all a good reduction of the environmental impact.