Completed the training course of the student officers of the 198th "SALDEZZA" course

(To Army Majority State)

At the Cavalry School of Lecce, the Weapon specialization course of the student officers of the "198 °" Saldezza "course, coming from the Application School of Turin, was concluded, with the achievement of the assignment of commander of armored-armored units.

Cavalry officers participated in numerous training activities using the “Ariete” and “Centauro” platforms, consolidating the operational procedures for use and expanding their background of knowledge. Furthermore, the young "riders" used the "live" and "virtual" simulation systems and experimented, through the Combat Training Path in the inhabited centers of the armored-armored unit (PACUB), combat techniques in urbanized areas with armored / armored vehicles.

At the end of the training process, the second lieutenants carried out a study on the evolution of the tank, aimed at providing contributions about the future of the armored component of the Army, the results of which were analyzed with the specialists of the Cavalry School.