Theft of a van foiled

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the soldiers of the "Campania" group, engaged in the municipality of Salerno, as part of the "Strade Sicure / Terra dei Fuochi" operation, have allowed the recovery of a van that has just been stolen.

The patrol, made up of personnel from the “Cavalleggeri Guide” regiment (19th), while traveling along Corso Garibaldi was alerted by the operations room of the Salerno police headquarters of the theft of a van that had just happened in the Pastena area. Shortly thereafter, the Army soldiers noticed the suspect vehicle, checking the correspondence of the license plate.

Once they arrived near a traffic light intersection, they cut the road to the van with a maneuver, blocking it in traffic. The criminal, feeling hunted, rushed to flee.

The "Safe Roads" operation sees the Army employed throughout the national territory, in competition and jointly with the police, for the defense of the territory and the fight against crime.