Safe roads: military blocks aggressor in Messina


The intervention of the military of the "Aosta" brigade in service in the "safe roads" operation has averted the worst of two girls who, this night, were passing near the Court of Messina.

Around the 00.45, the patrol employed at the Court of Messina, noted, in via Tommaso Cannizzaro, crossing with the street Cesare Battisti, an individual who threw a girl on the ground and tugged another after kicking the vehicles parked and in movement.

The patrol immediately intervened, blocking the individual and, at the same time, called the police. Two patrols arrived on the spot and an ambulance took delivery of the attacker.

The intervening soldiers belong to the 5 ° Aosta Infantry Regiment and operate under the grouping of Eastern Sicily and Calabria under the orders of Colonel Luigi Lisciandro.

The "Safe Roads" operation aims to ensure better control of the territory and greater security of citizens through vigilance to sensitive sites and patrolling and patrolling activities conducted jointly with the Police Forces.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces 

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