Week dedicated to the training of sharpshooters of the Army operational units

(To Army Majority State)

A week dedicated to the training of select shooters of the Army units, which, in different locations and operational scenarios, have consolidated the ability to operate in centralized or isolated training, in all possible operational scenarios, has ended in the past few days, perfecting the support of precision shooting in favor of maneuvering units.

In Salto di Quirra (Perdasdefogu, NU) the training activity of the "Acqui" division, organized by the 9th infantry regiment with the support of the personnel of the 11th sapper engineers regiment and the military instructors of the 7th bersaglieri regiment and the 9th Alpine regiment, was born from the need to share the experiences gained within the departments and saw the participation of squads of selected shooters in the employee departments of the brigades "Granatieri di Sardegna", "Aosta", "Pinerolo", " Sassari ”and“ Garibaldi ”.

The training allowed, in particular, the improvement of the techniques of hidden movement, of approach, of observation in the day and night environment and the deepening of masking techniques. Particularly demanding activities were carried out, such as the use of the shooter without an observer, shooting on floating targets at sea, shooting aboard vehicles,urban sniping and reaching fire positions by abseiling.

In Usseaux, at 1950 meters above sea level in Pian dell'Alpe in the province of Turin, the "Noble Shot 21" exercise, an ongoing activity dedicated to the groups of marksmen of the "Taurinense" brigade - in particular of the 133rd company of the 3rd regiment Alpini - this year also extended to the teams of other units of the Armed Force and the State Police.

After two days dedicated to checking and resetting the weapons and equipment supplied, both day and night, the command of the 3rd Alpine Regiment has prepared a series of exercises characteristic of the mountain warfare, such as the abseil in double / single rope, the ascent with the “jumar” handle or the movement in the winter mountain environment with fire activations along the way. The adverse climatic conditions, conditioned by the low temperatures and heavy snow that hit the Cottian Alps in recent days, made the exercise particularly effective, subjecting the military - especially those not accustomed to the alpine environment - to difficult situations and of such stress that only the high level of training and the steadfastness of mind can overcome.

The Italian Army snipers are specialized assets trained in the use of precision weapons, such as the Sako TRG42 rifle and the ARX-200 rifle for expert shooters, capable of neutralizing targets even at distances of over 1000 meters.