Sixth Pioneers in practice

(To Army Majority State)

The “Ab Initio” exercise was concluded, conducted by the staff of the 6 ° pioneering Army genius regiment.

During the two weeks at the training areas located near Gemona del Friuli (UD), the pioneers conducted innumerable training activities aimed at increasing the already solid technical skills of the regiment's staff in a "non-permissive" context.

Specifically, the engineers of the 6 regiment trained in combat in built-up areas and in the mountain environment, also simulating tactical activities with opposing parties using specialist engineering departments, as well as in the handling of weapons and explosives, with the conduct of activity in focus and in white.

During the brief "tactical campaign" an ascent was also carried out on the Pal Piccolo near the pass of Monte Croce Carnico, one of the symbolic places of the "White War", with the possibility of seeing the trenches and the "Grande War ”by Timau.

Previously the military had made an ascent to the Marinelli Refuge, the highest in the Carnic Alps, with an overnight stay at over 2000 meters.