"Individual Military Training" session for the Cimic Group

(To Army Majority State)

The session of Individual Military Training which involved the joint and multinational personnel of the Multinational CIMIC Group of Motta di Livenza (TV), aimed at increasing the procedures and tactics in view joint e combined.

The activity had the objective of maintaining and improving the level of preparation of CIMIC operators readily deployable anywhere and in a short period of time, as demonstrated by the recent participation of a specialist asset in the NATO "Allied Solace" operation for the coordination and the safe evacuation, as well as redeployment, of Afghan citizens following the recent events that hit the state of Afghanistan itself.

The training, which took place in various Friulian training areas, included various theoretical and practical activities aimed at the imminent Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) of NATO, scheduled for the last week of November.

The goal was to maintain a consistently high level of readiness in order to respond to the needs of the Atlantic Alliance, through the package of NATO Response Force (NRF), and continue to be a point of reference for the operational function of civil-military cooperation on a national and international level.

The lessons, of a general nature during the first week and focused on the different operating theaters in the second, range from Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to the Public Information, from shooting activities to CBRN sessions, as well as, of course, on the civil-military cooperation.