"Scorpion Legacy 2021": high intensity scenario for the Savoy paratroopers in Romania

(To Army Majority State)

It has just ended, at the shooting range of Joint National Training Center (JNTC) in Cincu, Romania, the “Scorpion Legacy 2021” exercise, which saw the participation of the “Savoia Cavalleria” (3rd) regiment with a heavy armored squadron-based unit.

The exercise represents the main training event of the Multinational Brigade South East (MN BDE - SE), planned by the Romanian Ministry of Defense as part of the NATO initiative Combined Joint Enhanced Training (CJET) with the aim of improving mutual knowledge and trust between participating units and increasing their interoperability in a multinational context, intensifying NATO's readiness and deterrence in the South East area.

The training activities began on May 26, engaging the squadron commander and some officers of the "Savoia" staff, with a command post exercise (CPX) where the MN BDE - SE represented the Primary Training Audience.

Subsequently, within the Cârțișoara, Bucium and Galati polygons, in a series of itinerant training stations (LIVEX), with opposing party activities, the heavy bus squadron and the logistic support component deployed by the paratrooper knights were able to verify their preparation in view of the continuous exercise, conducted from 5 to 7 June, which engaged the crews in the development of a series of tasks characteristic of the offensive, defensive and enabling tactical activities of the Cavalry Weapon.

The continuous activity has seen about sixty Italian soldiers train and confront themselves with units of the Romanian, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Polish army, in a typical scenario of a high-intensity operation (art.5 of the Washington Treaty), operating both in open field and compartmentalised terrain, where the ability of the Italian bus drivers in maintaining the pace of action on difficult terrain was particularly appreciated. In particular, during the maneuver, the personnel of "Savoia" operated under TACON of the 22nd infantry battalion of the Land Forces Romanian, together with an infantry company of the same battalion and a company of the 2nd battalion of Portuguese mechanized infantry, reinforced by elements of Combat Support e Combat Service Support.

The exercise "Scorpion Legacy 2021 ended with a fire activity at squadron level, in the presence of the regimental commander, Colonel Domenico Leotta and a validation team from the" Ariete "armored brigade arrived in Romania to verify the training level for the purpose of ready to use for theEuropean Battle Group 21.