WAR / CRO scenario to test the tactical skills of operational communications specialists

(To Army Majority State)

The “Circe 2021” exercise, planned and conducted by the operational communications specialists of the 28th “Pavia” regiment, located in the permanent seat of Pesaro or seconded to other locations for the conduct of specific tactical activities, was concluded.

The CPX (Command Post Exercise), CAX (Computer Assisted Exercise) and FTX (Field Training Exercise) exercise was linked to the "Mouflon 2021" exercise of Army Special Forces Command (COMFOSE), in order to increase the tactical-operational capacity of the regiment through the establishment of a PSE (Psychological Support Element), coordinating element of the TPTs (Tactical Psyops Team) subordinates seconded in favor of the Special Forces.

The “Circe”, the annual event of the “Pavia”, was conducted in compliance with the diversified operational situations in which the regiment is called to operate and, above all, in compliance with the protection regulations imposed by the COVID19 pandemic. These limitations did not prevent the concrete development of the regiment's tactical procedures, nor the fruitful integration with external assets, such as the 3rd REOS (special operations helicopter regiment), supplier of the rotary wing assets used for the conduct of LAD (Leaflet Airdrop) activities and the 11th “Leonessa” transmission regiment, responsible for the management of specialist transmissions.

The 28th “Pavia” regiment is the only defense unit, framed in the Army Special Forces Command, specialized in operational communications. Since the reconfiguration of the Regiment in 2004, personnel have been deployed in almost all the operational theaters in which the Italian Armed Forces have operated.