Bilateral exchanges at the antidrone center of excellence

(To Army Majority State)

As part of bilateral initiatives between nations, delegations from Mexico and Nigeria visited the Center of Excellence Counter Mini / Micro Remotely Piloted Aircraft of the Italian Army, in recent days, in the headquarters of the "Santa Barbara" barracks in Sabaudia (LT).

The delegations were welcomed by the director of the center, Colonel Alessio Gronchi who, through the presentation of a briefing, highlighted the inter-force nature of the department and described its organization and tasks, with particular reference to the operations support component. training, conceptual development and testing of the systems proposed by the defense industrial sector, the latter aspect aimed at identifying state-of-the-art technological equipment and most suitable for the different needs of anti-drone defense.

Subsequently, the delegations took part in the practical demonstration of the use of some systems, taking into consideration different operational scenarios, and then visited a static exhibition of anti-hydrone devices and equipment available to the center of excellence and, finally, the weapon systems supplied were illustrated, by staff of the artillery counter-aircraft command.