Basilicata, after 74 years, the remains of the soldier Pietragalla who died in a prison camp in Germany

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days in Forenza (PZ), a touching ceremony took place during which, the mortal remains of the soldier Pasquale Pietragalla, returned to his native country after 74 years.

Employed in the war zone since 13 December 1942, as reported by his serial number, the 8 was captured by the Germans in September 1943, and was subsequently interned, as a prisoner of war, in Germany, where 22 died in March 1945. Thus the soldier Pietragalla's family of origin could ideally embrace his relative, after so many years.

The mortal remains, coming from the Italian Cemetery of Honor in Frankfurt, arrived in Forenza (PZ) in a small urn wrapped by the Tricolor, to be kept for ever in the city cemetery. In addition to the entire citizenship, numerous school groups, civil and military authorities, combat and weapon associations took part in the event.

Colonel Lucio Di Biasio, military commander of the "Basilicata" army, who spoke together with a representative of the same command, turned especially to the numerous school children present underlining the importance of the meaning of "Homeland" and of all those values ​​linked to the oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic that unites the soldiers of yesterday and today and who lead, if necessary, to sacrifice their lives for the common good, in defense of freedom and democracy.