Departments of the "Pinerolo" in training

(To Army Majority State)

The fire activities involving some departments of the 9th infantry regiment, the "Cavalleggeri di Lodi" regiment (15 °) and a set-up of the 11th sappers engineering regiment were concluded at the occasional shooting range of Torre di Nebbia. engaged in exercise.

The training activity allowed the achievement of the capacity standards foreseen for the use of the operating units through the use of direct and indirect shooting platforms with Medium armored vehicle (VBM) “Arrow”, VBM Mortar Door, VBM "Spike", Blindo "Centauro", Leopard Chariot "Pioneer", Lightweight Multirole Tactical Vehicle (VTLM) "Lynx", as well as individual and unit weapons.

The staff and units combat have been trained, in the context of tactical activities, to work in all operational environments and on large spaces, taking advantage of mobility on different terrains and in one scenario warfighting, both in the planning phase and in the conduct phase, using the digitization systems of the Program Force NEC (Network Enabled Capabilities), making the most of multi-arm integration.

The purpose of the exercise was to increase the training level in consideration of the experiences gained and the lessons learned in the course of national and international activities, with particular reference to training in conditions of physical fatigue, in specific environments and operating conditions.