REAS 2019: the Emergency Exhibition opened

(To CME Lombardia)

The Italian Army is participating for the first time in REAS (Emergency and Safety Equipment Emergency Review), a leading national exhibition for the emergency, first aid and fire prevention sector that was officially inaugurated today in the presence, among others, of the head of the Civil Protection Department, dr. Angelo Borrelli and representatives of the highest local authorities.

The event represents a real point of reference thanks not only to the presence of the main productive and commercial realities of the sector but also to the strong link with the Armed Forces. This is why the "International Emergency Exhibition" attracts an average of 25.000 visitors every year, many of whom are volunteers active in associations and organizations of the emergency system.

To underline the importance of the role played by the Army in cooperation with the Civil Protection, the commander of the Alpine Troops, general of army corps Claudio Berto: "In bringing you the greetings of the whole Army and the Alpine Troops, I am here to witness the important contribution that our readily usable assets, present above all in the genius regiments with the name PU.CA, that is Public Calamity, guarantee in case of intervention in the various emergency phases on our territory ". A system, the emergency one, in which the Army plays a fundamental role, in the various types of immediate intervention of all kinds throughout the national territory, thanks not only to the specific skills that characterize, in particular, some specialties Armed Forces, but also to specific vehicles and equipment supplied, some of which are on display until Sunday in the pavilions of the REAS 2019.

In particular, some vehicles supplied to the 32 ° regiment of sappers of Fossano (TO), a genius component of the "Taurinense" brigade, such as the "Komatsu" crawler excavator used during the operation called "Sabina 2", following the earthquake that struck Abruzzo, whose purpose was to demolish the buildings that are still percolating and to remove the rubble in order to allow the reconstruction phase to begin and a gradual return to normality, and the extremely versatile tracked "CAMS T985" "mini loader" thanks to the small dimensions and a weight of "only" 3200 Kg. which make it ideal for working in confined spaces.

During the visit between the exhibition pavilions, also the head of the Civil Protection Borrelli expressed words of praise for the excellence that in these days the Armed Forces fielded to testify to the multiple ability to intervene in case of alert, characteristic "dual use ”which sees the military operate not only in the main operational activities, but also in close contact with the civilian population to guarantee their safety and security on the national territory.

Among the exhibited structures there is also a part of the “Bailey” bridge, a historic structure often used by the Army to guarantee the restoration of roads that were interrupted due to the devastating effect of exceptional hydrogeological events at rivers and streams

Contribution of the "Taurinense" Logistic Regiment, a VTLM (Multirole Light Tactical Vehicle) "Lince" in ambulance version, 3000 cm3 of displacement with an autonomy of 500 Km., ideal for first aid in particularly inaccessible areas thanks to the ability to travel along slopes of 60%.

Ideal for the recovery of personnel lost in snowy areas, the BV 206 crawler, consisting of two articulated units with all four tracks capable of traction, capable of carrying up to 17 people, a vehicle supplied to the Alpine Troops often also used in different operational contexts outside the area, as well as supporting rescue operations in mountain areas. Also in a high mountain emergency context, the “meteomont” nucleus also operates, which carries out, among other things, prevention activities with the issue of avalanche bulletins. The one present at the fair is in charge of the “Tridentina” Command and Tactical Support Department.

Today at 14: 00 an intervention to rescue civilian personnel remained blocked inside a car crashed following the collapse of a viaduct. It is a joint operation between the Army, which will intervene with an AVES structure on an AB 205 helicopter and highly specialized personnel of the 3 ° Alpine Regiment of Pinerolo together with a rescue team of the ANA (National Alpine Association).