The marshal students of the XXII "Dare" course promoted

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday morning, at the Army Non-Commissioned Officers School, the ceremony for the awarding of the rank of marshal to the students of the XXII “Dare” course took place.

The ceremony, held in front of the Institute Flag, decorated with a Bronze Medal for Valor of the Army and a Silver Medal for Civil Merit, was embellished by the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Army, general of the Corps of Pietro Serino army. Also present was the commander of the Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine, general of the army corps Salvatore Camporeale, the commander of the Officers' School, Brigadier General Stefano Scanu and various civil and military authorities.

Among these, the mayor prof. Giovanni Maria Arena, the bishop of the city of Viterbo ser monsignor Lino Fumagalli and the rector of the University of Tuscia, prof. Stefano Ubertini. Particularly welcome, also because it comes after more than a year and a half of restrictions, the presence of the family members of the students who were able to cross the doors of the "Soccorso Saloni" barracks to share with the new marshals the excitement of achieving this important goal.

After the surrender of the honors, the ceremony continued with the passage of the "cue" from the students of the senior course to the colleagues of the XXIII "Honor" course, a symbolic gesture that ideally represents the transmission of traditions, values ​​and hopes among course attendees that follow each other at the School.

General Serino, in the course of his speech said - "Today, in addition to the satisfaction for this well-deserved milestone that sees the 22nd course 'Dare' wearing the rank of marshal, we are doubly happy that this significant ceremony takes place in the presence of their parents, whom we have missed so much in this pandemic period.." He then added - "The grade you are wearing today makes you true protagonists of the Armed Force, it implies being a constant reference, guide and aid to the women and men who will be entrusted to you in a few months".

The event saw the delivery, by the intervening authorities, of the rank of marshal to the students first classified in the merit ranking at the end of the two-year training period, as well as some prizes to particularly deserving attendees, distinguished in the university, military and gymnastic-sporting activities.

At the end of the ceremony, the Corsican chief, newly promoted Marshal Carlo Alberto Malaguti, donated the crest of the XXII “Dare” course to General Serino, as a thank you for being present at such an important event in the professional career of each soldier. The ceremony, carried out in full compliance with the provisions on the containment of COVID-19, thanks to the contribution provided by the staff, was broadcast live streaming on the main official channels of the Armed Force. A very intense two-year training period ends for those attending the XXII Course, who are preparing to attend the specialization phase at the Schools / Weapons and Specialties Command, before being assigned to operational departments throughout Italy.

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