Passage of the Stecca to Teulié

(To Army Majority State)

The symbolic passing of the cue between the students of the "Buffa di Perrero III" course and those of the "Ferrari III" took place in the courtyard of the 1st Tricolore of the Teulié Military School in Milan, in front of the Institute Flag, with the which the "elderly" pass on to the young course the responsibility of honoring and transmitting the traditions that have always distinguished the history of the Milanese military institute.

​Army corps general Carlo Lamanna, commander of Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine greeted the students, highlighting that: "In a few days, after passing the exams, you will have won the first challenge of your young existence and this School will deliver you to life".

A significant moment was the delivery of the "drappella", embroidered with the number of the "incoming" course, by the godmother, Mrs Laura Della Peruta, to the "Ferrari III" course which will adorn the trumpet of the "guard of honor" and of the drums for the duration of the next academic year, until the next Mak π 100.

During the ceremony, scholarships were awarded to particularly deserving students and ex-students who achieved the best academic performance in the previous year.