Operation "Give a smile to a child" of "Pinerolo"


In recent days, the "Pinerolo" Brigade participated in the "Donate a Smile to a Child" initiative organized by the Apulia Association in the multipurpose room of the Giovanni XXIII Children's Hospital in Bari.

A Christmas show that has set itself the goal of helping the hospitalized children live in the hospital a morning full of joy and lightheartedness to help them forget, at least for a moment, the suffering of the disease.

The demonstration of solidarity, in favor of the young Pediatric patients, saw the joint execution of Christmas carols by the choirs of the 10 ° Transport Regiment under the "Pinerolo" and the Basilica of San Nicola accompanied by the Band of the Brigade and others shows organized by other associations.

General Stefano Del Col, Commander of the "Pinerolo" Brigade and Colonel Francesco Saverio Saiardi, Commander of the 10 Transport Regiment, accompanied the Prior of the Basilica of San Nicola, Father Lorenzo Lorusso, the President of the Apulia Onlus Association, Leonardo D 'Elia and the medical personnel in the visit to the wards for the delivery of gifts to all the children, and in particular, to the patients for more serious pathologies. Even with these initiatives, not new to the Armed Forces, the "Pinerolo" Brigade confirms once again his great sensitivity to being close to those in need, concretely demonstrating the value of the Army as a resource of the country.

Source: EI