New armored-armored unit commanders for the Cavalry

(To Army Majority State)

The second phase of the Technical Application Course (CTA) for the officers of the 199th “Dare” course, at the Cavalry School. A particularly important training period that specializes and directs young officers to the Army employment units.

The CTA aims to complete the preparation of deputy company / squadron commanders, aiming to acquire the skills necessary for the management of human resources, weapon systems, means and materials at company level, and to provide the basic normative, procedural and doctrinal tools, connected to the functioning of the staff of a regiment.

Particular attention was paid to training activities with "live" and "virtual" simulation systems and to those involving the fire fighting platforms "Ariete" and "Centauro", without neglecting theoretical in-depth sessions on topics such as " Immediate Close Air Support "," Cultural Awareness "and" Counter IED "and the achievement of the certification of" Maintenance Operator for SAAB BT46 "(Simulator for laser beam shooting).

At the end of the specialization period, an articulated fire exercise was carried out at the Polygon of Torre Veneri, during which the second lieutenants directed the action of armored-armored units in different configurations (explorer, heavy busway, armored) , putting into practice the skills acquired in recent months.

Particularly significant moment, for the young officers, the delivery of the Certificate of attendance of the technical course for commanders of minor armored / armored units, by the commander of the Cavalry School, Brigadier General Claudio Dei, who expressed words of praise for the commitment made during the training and encouragement to face future challenges with the spirit of a knight.