New synergies between the municipality of Gorizia, the cavalrymen of Treviso and the school to remember the history of the area


The command and tactical support department Cavalrymen of Treviso (28th) of Gorizia, as part of a training course on military history, which began last October 2022, organized the 2nd monthly conference entitled: “Lights and Shadows of the Karst War, the fights of May - June 1916, The Hour of “Treviso”

The historical account, sponsored by the municipality of Gorizia and excellently described by the speaker Dr. Paolo Gropuzzo, military historian and quaestor of the Isonzo city, retraced in great detail the feats of arms which, in the spring of 1916, saw the cavalrymen at the time engaged in the impervious and peculiar conflict of the Karst plateau which earned the department standard a silver medal for military valor. 

Not only battles, maneuvers and dates in Dr. Gropuzzo's story, but also precious insights into the human and moral dimension of trench life in a theoretical path that has not spared important references to the concepts of duty, sacrifice, loyalty and value, which have always basis of the identity heritage of the Italian Army. 

The event was then characterized by an additional attribute, the presence of a third class of the "GI Ascoli" secondary school in Gorizia accompanied by two teachers, including the director Eleonora Carletti who, as mentioned in the introductory speech of the commander of the department, Andrea Pastore, ensured that the training moment could form a bridge between the best institutions in Italy represented by the military and the school".  

Guests of the morning of work the commander of the Pozzuolo del Friuli Cavalry brigade gen. Massimiliano Stecca, Colonel Antonino Magro, provincial commander of the Guardia di Finanza of Gorizia, the councilor for culture of the municipality of Gorizia Fabrizio Oreti, the director of the Istituto Comprensivo Gorizia 1 Dr. Eleonora Carletti. Also noteworthy is a parterre of leading experts and scholars of military history who animated the debate on the sidelines of the conference, the pertinent interventions of dr. Pierlugi Lodi, by prof. Enrico Cernigo and Dr. Marco Pascoli engaged with the Cavalrymen of Treviso and the municipal administration of Gorizia in this project aimed at forging an institutional and cultural link between local institutions in the name of culture and historical narrative.

The mutual involvement of the territory and the institutions can help unite and grow together especially when the activities are aimed at the youngest who represent our future and our hope, also to demonstrate to them the great steps forward made over the course of one hundred years that have led us to be from Theater of War to Laboratory of Peace. These initiatives are also valuable in favor of the approaching stages that will lead us to 2025 European Capital of Culture together with Nova Gorica. The first cross-border capital precisely as an example of today's integration and sharing that also passes through the dramas of the past - this was the conclusion of the councilor for culture, Fabrizio Oreti on the sidelines of the meeting.