New vessel for the Raiders

(To Army Majority State)

At the Base for Training Raiders (BAI), San Rossore (Pisa), of the 9 ° parachute assault regiment "Col Moschin", the ceremony of change of famous of the new fast assault boat for Special Forces took place.

In the presence of General Ivan Caruso, commander of the Army Special Forces and the regimental commander, Colonel Yuri Grossi, the naval engineer Livio Franchini, of the company SIMAN srl, has formally delivered the new boat. The formal delivery took place by lowering the flag of the Merchant Marine which was replaced by the Military Unit Tricolor hoisted by the patrol boat commander after the pronunciation of the ritual formula.

The boat is a product of Italian shipbuilding, in this case of the company SIMAN srl of La Spezia active in the sector since the end of the year 80 'and always engaged with the Defense. The boat named after the Gold Medal for Military Valor Cap. Alessandro Romani, was commissioned for the specific needs of the Army Raiders, in coordination with the Navy.

The boat will be moored and used by the staff of BAI, unit of the 9 ° Col Moschin regiment specifically designed to support the training, training and operations of marine, amphibious and underwater of the Raiders. Furthermore, the BAI constantly collaborates with the units of the Corps Office in the major local events between Pisa and Livorno. Inserted in the context of the San Rossore Regional Park, thanks to the excellent relations with the competent authorities, the BAI is a point of reference also for the amphibious formation of all the Army Special Forces departments and often site of national, international exercises of Armed Forces or Defense of the Special Forces division.