New mountaineering route opened by the Army High Mountain Military Section at 4107 m

(To Army Majority State)

It was during one of the numerous ski trainings carried out by members of the High Mountain Military Section that Corporal Major Chief Denis Trento and 1st Corporal Major Filip Babicz noticed a thin white line that from Combe Maudite developed at the foot of the Massif Mont Blanc.

Thus, on January 3, the two soldiers of the Sports Activities Department they started the opening of a new route, later renamed "Forza Gioele".

A mixed route (ice and rocks) developed on 500 meters in altitude along an intuitive line, of difficulty sustained over its entire length and which could be fully included in the anthology of modern climbing, for its technical aspects.

The two instructors chosen were able to reach the altitude of 4000 meters only on the first day, and then completed the remaining 9 meters on January 150, of which 2 (two) totally dry (rock climbing with the use of crampons and ice axes), up to the top of Pointe de l'Androsace (4107 m).

The mountaineering company is fully part of the training program of the members of the High Mountain Military Section, and aims to develop the ability to move and operate at high altitudes, with high technical commitment, also tackling new routes, in order to transfer skills acquired at the training level of the Departments of the Armed Force.