The International Cyberspace Seminar 2022 at NRDC-ITA

(To Army Majority State)

It took place today, at the Ugo Mara Barracks, operational headquarters of the rapid reaction corps (NRDC-ITA) in Solbiate Olona (VA), the seminar "Cyberspace risks to NATO / EU and main issues / challenges to conduct Cyberspace Operations at the operational level".

The event, divided into two panels, saw the participation of Italian and Alliance officials as well as professors and specialists from the "Cyber ​​Operations" and "Cyber ​​Security and Risk Management" sectors.

The commander of NRDC-ITA, general of the army corps Lorenzo D'Addario, welcomed the guests and started the discussion, who recalled how the initiative represents a significant moment for the constant commitment of the Command, aimed at a better understanding of the cyber world that now surrounds us. It is crucial for the support of cybersecurity and a concrete awareness of the risks and challenges that NATO will face in cyberspace operations.

The seminar addressed the Atlantic, European and national perspectives on Collective Defense, crisis management and cooperation in the field of cyber security. The first session was attended by Professor Sadie Creese, co-director of the Cyber ​​Security Center, of the University of Oxford, Mr. Mario Beccia, the deputy chief information officer for Cyber ​​Security at the NATO headquarters, Mr. Stefano Piermarocchi, head ofEnterprise Cyber ​​Risk Management of NATO Headquarters, Mrs Ifigeneia Lella, Cyber ​​Security officer at ENISA (EU Cyber ​​Security Agency), while in the second, civil and military experts in the sector alternated, such as Dr. Antonio Cerasa, CEO of Starmille and Professor Stefano Zanero, of the Milan Polytechnic.

Among the aspects analyzed during the debate, particular attention was given to the consideration of the need to develop common policies and procedures to deal with possible threats as well as the importance of sharing lived experiences in order to draw useful lessons from them, with specific relevance to the fulfillment of tasks related to Collective Defense, crisis management and cooperation in the field of cyber security. NRDC-ITA, on the occasion of the next exercise Steadfast Jackal 2022, therefore, organized the second edition of the seminar with the aim of improving its ability to plan, coordinate and conduct cyberspace operations in line with international law, the United Nations Charter, international humanitarian law and human rights , testifying to a commitment to the Alliance against all cyber threats at all political, military and technical levels.

The event therefore proved to be an opportunity for the multinational staff of NRDC-ITA to share knowledge and develop potential solutions to be adopted in the complex cyber dimension with experts in the military and institutional fields.