Naples: obscene acts in a public place in Piazza Plebiscito

(To Army Majority State)

Saturday afternoon, a patrol of the Campania grouping on duty in Naples, in Piazza Plebiscito, for the "Safe Roads" operation, she intervened to stop a man who was committing obscene acts, subsequently delivering him to the police.

The army soldiers had been alerted by some citizens who reported the presence, in the square, of a young man intent on masturbating and addressing obscene words to passers-by. The patrol, made up of 3 Bersaglieri, intervened immediately by blocking the person who was identified, placed in custody, and handed over to a police car arrived on the spot.

The man, of Italian origin, was found in possession of pornographic material and several cell phones. He was arrested for obscene acts in public places and receiving stolen goods and taken to the San Ferdinando police station.