Mariscuola Taranto: the inter-class tournament returns

(To Marina Militare)

After two years of forced break due to the health emergency from Covid-19, it was held at the Officers' School of the Navy of Taranto the long-awaited Interclass Tournament which saw the students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class of the normal marshal courses competing for the three historical cups of the Institute: Interclass, Toys e Seafaring Sports. In fact, between the end of April and the first half of May the students tried their hand at swimming, water polo, volleyball, basketball, tennis and seafaring disciplines such as rowing and sailing class. trident 16.

Involving, the team competitions, which saw some students of the different classes challenge each other with passion and tenacity, managing to find the right combination between healthy competitiveness and team spirit. Individual sports are particularly exciting, in particular swimming, a discipline in which some students have distinguished themselves by registering 6 Institute records, some undefeated for more than 15 years.

The two weeks of the Tournament and the previous training period represented a fundamental training moment for the students and attendants of the normal marshal courses. They used each sport session not only as an opportunity for recreation from intense days in the Institute and well-being for body and mind, but above all as an opportunity to get involved and improve, gaining the awareness of being able to achieve any goal by working with commitment and dedication.

On June 14, the commander of the Officers' School, Rear Admiral Andrea Petroni together with the second in command, the director of the courses, the commanders of the classes, the sub-orders, the supervisors and all the students and visitors gathered in the Piazza d'Armi of the Institute for the award ceremony of the Tournament.

The students of the 1st class particularly distinguished themselves by winning the Interclass Tournament Cup and the Seafaring Sport Cup. The Games Cup was instead won by the 2nd class who achieved excellent results in group sports, volleyball and water polo. As per tradition, the trophies will be exhibited at the course secretariat becoming symbols of commitment and dedication for all students.

After the award ceremony, the commander of the institute, congratulating the students for their commitment and the results obtained, wanted to emphasize how important sport is in the life of a soldier, emphasizing its main virtues such as team spirit, loyalty, determination, altruism, passion, respect for others and for the rules and, last but not least, physical and mental well-being. He also highlighted the value of sport in the training phase, a tool that helps to discover and overcome one's limits, increasing the awareness that success is built on commitment and determination.