MAK P 100 at the “Nunziatella” Military School

(To Army Majority State)

The ceremony took place at the "Nunziatella" Military School Mak P 100 of the students of the 234th course, who are preparing to finish their training course within the walls of the "Rosso Maniero".

The ceremony, presided over by the commander for training, specialization and doctrine of the Army, General of the Army Carlo Lamanna, was attended by the military and civil authorities of the Campania Region and the metropolitan city of Naples.

During his speech, Gen. ca Lamanna said “I am sure that, however, you will commit yourself, whatever life path you decide to take; You will be bearers of healthy, exceptional, unique values ​​and you will be able to assert yourself wherever you apply yourself."

An important moment of the ceremony was the delivery of the squad to the 235th course by the godmother, Mrs. Daniela Licciardiello, spouse of the 82nd commander of the School, Colonel Giuseppe Stellato. Embroidered with the number and symbol of the course, the troop will adorn the trumpet of the "Guard of Honour" and the drum battery for the entire duration of the next academic year, until the following Mak P 100.

During the ceremony, scholarships were awarded to particularly deserving students and former students who had the best academic and military performance during the previous year.

At the end of the ceremony, in the corridor of the School, in the presence of military and civil authorities and guests, the ribbon was cut by Lieutenant Colonel Paglia and General Lamanna to inaugurate the photographic exhibition "Somalia 1993 - Check Point Pasta" which will be hosted at the Institute until June 9th.

The event then continued in the setting of the Royal Palace in Piazza Plebiscito, with the "Debutantes' Ball", a gala evening which marked the entry into society of girls aged between 16 and 19, which saw the participation of 34 couples made up of students and debutants from the civilian world.

The event ended with the usual "Farewell Song" with which the students bid farewell and pay homage to the "Rosso Maniero" and those who share the emotions of the day with them.​