The Military Penitentiary Organization changes dependence

(To Army Majority State)

As part of the review of the terrestrial military instrument, aimed at rationalizing its resources through the optimization of the main technical / operational functions, from 1 January themilitary prison organization (OPM) is employed by the military command of the capital.

The symbolic handover took place at the military command of the capital in the presence of the commander, general of the army corps Rosario Castellano.

In particular, Brigadier General Massimo Iacobucci, chief general security office of the General Staff of the Army, he handed over the command of the OPM headed by Colonel Giancarlo Sciascia, to Major General Paolo Riccò, deputy commander of the command of the capital.

The ceremony was preceded by a briefing in which it was illustrated to the top management and staff of the military command of the capital a situation report on the main activities carried out by the penitentiary structure of Santa Maria Capua in Vetere (CE) which, in any case, will continue to have a technical connection with the UGS of the Army staff regarding the aspects relating to the management of prisoners and relationships with the judiciary.

All activities were carried out in full compliance with the regulations for the containment of the CoVid-19 epidemic.