The Army's commitment to "Phase 2"

(To Army Majority State)

In the aftermath of the start of "Phase 2" of the health emergency, the helicopter and rotated structures of the "Friuli" aircraft brigade continue to operate in contrast to Covid-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Italian Army has made available personnel, helicopters, land vehicles and infrastructures to be able to distribute the sanitary and protective material necessary to deal with the emergency in the shortest possible time to the National Civil Protection and to Italian healthcare workers.

In particular, the crews of the 7th AVES "Vega" regiment in Rimini, having received a request for support, took off promptly to Rome Fiumicino airport where they took a ton of medical material and delivered it to Cagliari, the recipient airport for the subsequent redistribution of the devices in question. At the same time, rotated structures of the 66th "Trieste" aircraft infantry regiment and of the "Friuli" command and tactical support department transported more than 600 packages of sanitary and protective material to the local offices of the Civil Protection of Reggio Emilia and Ancona.

The commitment of "Friuli" therefore continues unabated even in the so-called "Phase 2" with an unceasing multimodal transport activity and with charitable initiatives for which all the departments of the large unit have been mobilized, highlighting the strong civic sense and great generosity which characterizes Italian soldiers.

In a historical moment in which the safety of Italian citizens is seriously challenged by an extremely serious health emergency, the Army, immediately on the front line in contrasting the expansion of the virus, is proving more than ever, an institution close to the citizen.