Latvia: Reaper Prime training completed

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian contingent deployed in the mission in Latvia at the Ādaži base, has just completed the training cycle called "Reaper Prime" developing a series of individual training activities, with the use of VCC80 Dart and C1 tanks Ram, as well as the logistic structures deployed in the theater, with the aim of preparing the units for a subsequent joint use in training activities with other countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

The activities carried out have allowed to train and amalgamate the personnel through the use of equipment, armament, tactical means and armored combat vehicles, perfecting the technical tactics of use and the command and control activity by part of the company command. Objective of the training cycle, to train the structures deployed in the theater in order to be able to operate, adopting the same operating standards among the various multinational units present.

Framed by the Canadian-led Multinational Battle Group Latvia (MN BG Latvia) which includes forces of 9 Countries of the Alliance, the Italian contingent trains to pursue the objectives set by the advanced Forward Presence (eFP) such as integration capacity and of cooperation between NATO countries.

The Italian contingent deployed in Latvia as part of the Baltic Guardian operation is based on the 1 ° Bersaglieri regiment stationed in Cosenza, supplemented by an operating unit of the 4 ° wagon regiment stationed in Persano and other Army units.

The eFP is a defensive measure, fully in line with NATO's international commitment. In this sense, it represents a concrete effort to preserve peace, since it constitutes a reinforcement of the Alliance's principle of deterrence.