The Army greets the 2021 World Ski Championships in Cortina

(To Army Majority State)

After more than a month and a half, the men and women of the Alpine Troops of the Italian Army greet the suggestive town of Cortina and the 2021 World Ski Championships where they worked with important tasks in support of what was the largest event in Italy after the restrictions due to the pandemic emergency which for a year now has placed significant restrictions on sporting events.

The Alpini in arms, as natural repositories of the "culture of altitude", and of the skills on snow and ice even in prohibitive conditions such as the first days of the event, have provided their contribution by operating in full compliance with the regulations in force for the contrast and containment from COVID 19.

A massive presence is that of the device deployed consisting of personnel from the Alpine brigades "Julia" and "Taurinense" and from Alpine Training Center e Command Department and Tactical Support "Tridentina" who worked in harmony with the indications of the organizing committee on different macro areas of intervention:

- organization of the slopes and setting up of all the competition fields, activities that required a high skiing ability, an intrinsic gift that the Alpine Troops constantly refine through specific basic and advanced ski courses that have also been implemented in the Cortina parenthesis with an ascension ski mountaineering at the "Cinque Torri"; - basic logistics, which required a considerable effort also in light of the adverse climatic conditions that repeatedly led to the need to refit the slopes; - ski slope rescue, with the availability of personnel trained to provide basic health care after a possible accident on the slopes; - ceremonial aspects with the presence of the fanfare of the Alpine Brigade "Julia" who performed in the closing ceremony.

Participating as a protagonist in the World Ski Championships of Cortina 2021, also in the sports field, through the victory in the parallel slalom of the 1st cm Marta Bassino, once again the Italian Army has shown, through the Alpine Troops, that the operational and the training of units accustomed to operating in a mountain environment can well integrate the organization of large events, constituting an important resource in a synergistic spirit aimed at highlighting the capabilities of our country.