The Army in defense of the parks

(To Army Majority State)

Assets of the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade, specialized inWood fire extinguisher (AIB), from Tuesday 14 September until Sunday 19 they provided support to the units of the Fire Brigade (VVF) and of the Civil Protection, in the difficult activity of fighting the fires that broke out in the woods of the Majella National Park.

The intervention of the personnel of the “Vicenza” battalion was requested by the prefecture of Pescara and authorized by the command of the South Operating Forces to support the extinguishing of the fire that developed between the towns of Lettomanoppello (PE) and Passo Lanciano (PE), which was made even more vast and dangerous due to strong winds and the long absence of rainfall on site.

AIB assets of the 9th Alpine Regiment, specially trained, trained and equipped for the management of complex emergencies of this type, were supported in the intervention by other capacities of the "Vicenza" battalion such as forerunners of the genius and two tankers for the transport of water. The tasks assigned to them were to remove dry fuel on the ground, the construction of logistic supply lines, the construction of firelines to interrupt the continuity of fuel on the ground, the reclamation of burnt areas (mop-up) and the water supply to the fire fighting vehicles and refueling tanks for helicopters.

All interventions were agreed and supervised by a director of extinguishing operations specifically designated by the Fire Brigade, by the forest firefighting officer of the regional civil protection department and, for environmental aspects, by the forest police and by the management of the Parco Majella body.

The men employed, specially specialized, combine in the best way all the skills that a soldier of the Alpine troops of the Italian Army acquires during his training: ability to move, orient himself and work in the mountains, for several days and in extreme psychophysical conditions, combining them to specific AIB training and training.