The Army at the "Scorpion Legacy 2022" with the Folgore

(To Army Majority State)

The "Scorpion Legacy 2022" Exercise, which saw the paratroopers of the "Savoia Cavalleria" (3rd) regiment (XNUMXrd), ended in recent days at the Smardan shooting range in Romania, in a typical scenario of an operation high intensity.

The exercise, which represents the annual training event of the Multinational Brigade South East (MN BDE - SE) planned by the Romanian Ministry of Defense under the Military Training Education Program (MTEP) of NATO, aims to improve knowledge and information sharing and to progress in the standardization of procedures and in the level of interoperability between the main Alliance countries and Partners.

After an initial training phase, which began on 22 May, in which the Italian personnel was engaged in a command post exercise (CPX), the heavy bus squadron, integrated by an explorer platoon and the logistic support component, conducted a series of tactical activities with opposing parties (LIVEX), articulated on the typical tasks of the exploratory assets.

In particular, the ongoing activity, conducted from 2 to 3 June, saw the Italian units operate, both in open field and on compartmentalised terrain, in close coordination with the maneuvering and support structures of the Romanian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Polish, French and American.

In the presence of Colonel Domenico Leotta, 105th commander of "Savoia Cavalleria", the international military authorities underlined the ability of the paratrooper knights to study and use the land, especially for the purpose of exercising support for function C2 and optimizing the use of heavy busways, during the maneuver, consistently with the assigned tasks.

The “Folgore” is the large combat unit with specialized capabilities of the Army, capable of expressing effective, versatile and “full spectrum” operational capabilities, according to the principle of maximum inter-weapon integration, inter-force and multinational interoperability.