The supporting FOTERs conclude the 2021 Atlas

(To Army Majority State)

The exercise "ATLAS 2021", of the command of the Support Terrestrial Operating Forces, which brought together in a single training event the various specialist components of various Weapons, Corps and Specialties, through the development of individual exercises carried out in two phases.

The first, “ATLAS I / 21, took place last June and saw 3 of the 6 division / brigade level commands employed by the Support COMFOTER.

The artillery command conducted, at the Monte Romano shooting range, the "DRAGONE" fire exercise with the deployment of a command post and the use of PZH 2000, FH 70 howitzers, MLRS-I rocket launchers of the artillery departments, a command post of the 7th CBRN regiment, a helicopter set-up and a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC).

The "ARROW 1" exercise conducted by the anti-aircraft artillery command saw the use of a section equipped with the shoulder-mounted missile weapon system Stinger and a U1 radar unit Skyguard, used as a local sensor for the discovery and identification of threats at low and very low altitudes, as well as for the realization ofEarly Warning in favor of assets Stinger.

The exercise, with an inter-weapon connotation, made it possible to increase the level of integration between the anti-aircraft units and the land artillery units.

With the “LIRA” exercise, the departments of the transmission command also had the opportunity to express their peculiar abilities in a realistic context that adheres to the doctrine of use of the weapon as much as possible. Networks similar to portions of the EI-Net network and networks similar to those of one have been created Host Nation enabled to handle "unclassified" information. At the same time, a Task Force C4 and 3 Deployable Point of Presence (D-POP), located respectively in Monte Romano, Persano and Portogruaro, created a CIS system to support the units.

The "Interagency Effort 2021" exercise was held in Civitavecchia, conducted by the 7th CBRN "Cremona" defense regiment, with the participation of NBCR assets of the provincial command of the Fire Brigade of Rome and Rieti, of the Voluntary Military Corps of the Red Cross Italian, of the ASL Roma 4, of the Civil Protection and of the Civitavecchia Local Police.

The training event involved the simulation of an emergency at the Torrevaldaliga Nord thermoelectric plant.

In the past week, on the other hand, the “ATLAS II / 21” ended, in which the engineering command employed the assets of the employee engineer brigade during two separate exercises.

In the first, the railway regiment carried out management activities of the Dinazzano Po railway yard: from freight transport to the maneuvering of railway wagons, from traffic management to infrastructure maintenance, also simulating a hostile act of sabotage and strengthening the capacity of node loading / unloading through the construction of a removable metal loading surface.

The second took place in the training area of ​​the 2nd bridge regiment of Scalo Po and saw the assets of the engineers, the anti-aircraft artillery and the tactical information brigade in coordination with the maneuvering components of the departments dependent on the COMFOP-N.

The exercise aimed to increase the ability to carry out a river crossing activity, in a scenario war-fighting, using units with National Projection Screening Capacity (CNPM) who operated in conditions of poor visibility, CBRN threat and potential environmental disaster due to oil spills.

A Motorized Floating Bridge (PGM) by the 2nd engineer bridge regiment, on which also high-class vehicles such as the “Ariete” tank passed.

Also employ the modern capabilities of contrasting the threat coming from the third dimension, with specialized structures of the center of excellence counter mini / micro remotely piloted aircraftand tactical information brigade and the broadcasting departments.

The commander of the Support Terrestrial Operating Forces, general of the army corps Massimo Scala, together with the commanders of the dependent brigades and the brigadier general Giovanni Parmiggiani, chief of staff of the COMFOP-N.