The Academy trains with the Rangers

(To Army Majority State)

In the second decade of July, excellent training for command line officers was held Student Battalion of the Military Academy of Modena which, in view of the settlement at the prestigious institute of the 201 course, had the opportunity to work with the creak of the 4 ° regiment of alpine paratroopers, Department of Army Special Forces.

Scenario of training activities in the Lessinia mountains, in the province of Verona, on which the officers consolidated and standardized the technical procedures of light infantry tactics, in a path articulated on different types of activities, from patrol movement to tactical level planning and the deliberate assault on a goal.

All the activity and the context have been oriented to sharing experiences and lessons learned from creak during the multiple uses in operational theaters and international crisis areas, made available to those who will have the responsibility of framing and training the future official students, commanders of tomorrow's Men.

The particular training allowed the officers to engage in activities of team building, valuable experiences for those who will soon be called to train the official Army and Carabinieri students in their articulated journey inside the Modena Institute.