“ARES 2023” marksman laboratory

(To Army Majority State)

As part of the activities planned by the Southern Operational Forces Command, the 152nd infantry regiment of the "Sassari" brigade organized and conducted the "Ares 2023" laboratory, a training window aimed at evaluating the level of preparation of sharpshooters from various departments of the the Army, the Guardia di Finanza and operational units of the French and Uzbek Army, the latter present as part of bilateral training exchanges.

The sniper teams trained in the planning, organization and conduct of daytime and nighttime shooting and tactical activities, in different operational scenarios and environmental conditions, in urban and river contexts.

Satisfaction with the success of the training activity was expressed by the commander of the "Sassari" brigade, Brigadier General Stefano Messina, who, in referring to the objectives of the "Ares 2023" sharpshooters laboratory, recognized the validity of the exchange of experiences with armies of other nations, but above all reiterated the importance of standardizing procedures within the Italian Army with a view to multi-weapon interoperability.