Senator Stefania Pucciarelli visiting the 2nd Aviation Support Regiment of the "Orione" Army

(To Staff)

Senator Stefania Pucciarelli, Undersecretary of State for Defense, visited the 2nd Aviation Support Regiment of the "Orione" Army in Bologna where she was welcomed by the commander of the Sostegno brigade, Colonel Luca Travaglini, and by the regimental commander, Colonel Enrico Beschi.

After a briefing to present the department, the senator attended the ceremony for the delivery of the plaque, donated to the 2nd "Orione" by the Onlus Association "Andromeda" for the social commitment of the regiment in favor of the local community.

The event, which took place in full compliance with the rules for combating the pandemic, was born from a charity initiative organized by the 2nd "Orione" last Christmas in favor of the pediatric ward of the "Carlo Alberto Pizzardi" Hospital. from Bologna. On that occasion, the blue berets, in spontaneous synergy with the “Andromeda”, distributed toys to young patients and participated in the project for the purchase of a pediatric ultrasound system.

Senator Pucciarelli, in her greeting, expressed words of appreciation to the staff of the regiment for their daily work in the service of the country and for their social commitment to the population.

"My presence here in the 'Fausto Pesci' Airport of Borgo Panigale is testimony to the closeness of the whole Defense to all of you, men and women of the 2nd Aviation Support Regiment of the 'Orione' Army, and wants to give you credit for the extraordinary work done - with the professionalism, dedication, sense of responsibility and great generosity that characterize 'militarity' - in every area of ​​commitment, in every initiative; with your big heart, which goes far beyond the institutional tasks and manifests itself in the numerous charitable initiatives for some years given to the weakest, the most unfortunate. The certificate of esteem that the local section of the 'Andromeda' voluntary association gives you publicly today for the disinterested commitment with which you give value and pride to the Bolognese territory, towards which you have been working for some time with passion and responsibility, is also eloquent testimony to this. . " - underlined the Undersecretary of Defense.

"A service in favor of the population, that of the 'blue berets' of the 2nd Orion which rests on the dual connotation typical of military articulations and which in this specific case mainly concerns the interveners in cases of public disasters, as well as in those delicate activities that they see it as decisive in the urgent medical transport of organs. Among the initiatives that further honor this regiment in raising the name of the Army Aviation and of the armed forces more generally - continued Pucciarelli - there are the beautiful and meritorious ones conducted in favor of children hospitalized in the pediatric wards of some Bolognese hospitals: in December 2019 at the 'Sant'Orsola Malpighi' and a year later in the 'Carlo Alberto Pizzardi', participating in the latter case with the 'Andromeda' association for the purchase of a pediatric ultrasound system and the usual distribution of smiles and toys to young patients. As well as, between April 27 and May 5, 2020, the distribution of comfort food, in full Covid emergency, to a hundred destitute families in the city of Bologna, receiving the applause of local authorities.

All wonderful testimonies of a social commitment in favor of people in difficulty - a voluntary, passionate and generous support - which goes far beyond the work commitment and which I like to think draws its lymph from the quid innate with our DNA as Italians; the added value of the so-called 'Italian way' that military colleagues from friendly and allied countries unanimously recognize and admire when we talk about our professionals with 'Le Stellette'. " - concluded Undersecretary Pucciarelli.

The visit ended with the traditional signing of the Roll of Honor.

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