The 2nd Alpini trains Force on Force

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the training area of ​​Salmour (CN), from 21 September to 2 October the 2nd alpine regiment of the "Taurinense" alpine brigade carried out complex technical-tactical "Force on Force" activities for motorized and foot patrols, using the "marking ammunition" system, type "simunition FX", which made it possible to implement training in close combat procedures in a safe context and very close to real situations.

The weapons used are powered with reduced-charge bullets, whose nose cones contain coloring substances which, used in conjunction with an original bolt conversion kit and individual protections, allow activities to be carried out with opposing parties, making the training scenario even more realistic. .

This activity was preceded by a series of fire exercises conducted at the permanent shooting range of Candelo Masazza (BI), in order to reach the level of training necessary to complete the evaluation phase of the specialization course for volunteers in pre-established training. 4 years and graduates in permanent infantry service with the main role of "rifleman".

The tactical activities, conducted in compliance with the regulations relating to the containment of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, are prodromal to the fire exercises currently underway at the occasional Piedmontese shooting range of Col Maurin and which also involve other regiments of the "Taurinense". These activities will increase the operational capabilities of the units, allowing the achievement of all training objectives, with particular reference to the procedures aimed at guaranteeing the physical safety of personnel, materials and equipment, as well as the clarity of the issuing of orders at each order level. .